Jessica’s Diary

Anybody who is anybody at our school is a stupid jock. They’re all the same mindless idiots who have nothing better to do than terrorize my existence. FYI guys, wearing a stupid letter jacket doesn’t make you a God! They’re stupid and ugly, get a real coat.

A letter jacket is a symbol in my school of power. Power over the little people (aka me!) and I hate it! Not only do they wear their stupid jackets all the time, but they take them off to show their stupid team sweatshirts. It’s not like we can’t tell you’re an athlete! Nobody has that much school spirit!

Today I ran into Chad…captain of the basketball team. Literally ran into him, I’m kind of spaz sometimes. I apologized as I picked up my books, and instead of apologizing back this big stupid jock just said “You better be sorry.” Seriously?! It’s not like the public embarrassment wasn’t enough in running into one of the “Elites” as I call them, but he has to say things like that to make me feel like more of a jackass?!

Chad is one of my least favorite people…ever! I can see being a little cocky if your team wins, but I think our basketball team has won a total of 5 games in like 2 years. Not that I’d keep track, I have better things to do with my time than follow the Elites around and keep track of how they’re doing. I’m not going to be another mindless person following a stupid team of stupid jerks.

Back to Chad, he looks like a Ken doll. And his girlfriend is nothing less than Barbie. She, of course, is a big stupid blonde. Plays on the volleyball team and the softball team. I hope they get married and have a bunch of beautiful stupid athlete kids, because what else does the world need, right?! I swear if Chad ever bumps into me again I’m going to tell him how I really feel…then again…I probably won’t.

Whatever. I’m over him. One day he’ll be working for me, unless he’s in the NBA! LOL yeah right!


Today I woke up to the terror twins, my little brothers Jacob and Joseph woke me up, like usual, with their Super Soakers. I wish, just for once, my parents would take my side with those two. They’re in this world to make me miserable, and they’re succeeding at their job. I understand that they’re mom and Bill’s kids, and I’m just the step-daughter Bill never wanted, but just once I’d like to be sided with, just one time!

Like last night, my birthday, Mom said I could have whatever I wanted to eat. I decided I wanted my favorite food, baked spaghetti. I got home from school, threw down my book bag and went to help Mom in the kitchen. I go in and see her making…tacos? That’s not right. That can’t be right. Oh wait, it is. Joey doesn’t like baked spaghetti she told me, whatever Joey wants–Joey gets. I guess I should just get used to it.

Sometimes it’s nice to escape up here in my room. Some people see it odd that I chose to live in the attic of my stepfather’s home. The bedroom next to the twins just wouldn’t do, and I have much more peace of mind up here in my space. It’s where I feel like myself, and where I can lock the rest of the world out (except the terror twins)

Until Next Time,

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